Countryside Management Services

Trees and Woodland

Whether thinning a woodland, establishing a new hedgerow, or felling to allow more light into your garden, Adam can help.
  • Felling and clearance of trees and shrubs, processing timber in to seasoned wood for firewood
  • Tree planting and establishment
  • Coppicing and coppice protection
  • Management guidance for a sustainable woodland system
  • Management advice on veteran trees


Grassland Management

From strimming paths to plug planting wild flower meadows, Adam can help you establish and manage your grassland and gardens.

  • Strimming and brushcutting 
  • Seeding grasslands and plug planting in line with environmental schemes or just to enrich your estate or garden
  • Management of invasive species - creeping thistle, broad leaved and curled docs, ragwort and more
  • Advice and instalment of grassland surveys 



If you need a stone wall rebuilding or new fencing to keep livestock in, Adam can help.

  • Dry stone walling 
  • Fencing repairs and installation
  • Gate hanging
  • Stile and gate installation
  • Hedge laying 

Email:  -  Mobile - 07742318793 
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